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"You've gotta slow down sweet talkin' woman. You've got me runnin', you've got me searchin'. Hold on sweet talkin' lover. It's so sad if that's the way it's over."

Jul 23

Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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Adam Scott and Paul Rudd


Adam Scott and Paul Rudd

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Salute to the enduring spirit of the children of the slaves…

A lot of the men and women that had to endure this are still alive. Don’t let white people act like this is the distant past. It’s not.

Fucking monsters.

American history. American present.

Never forget

I didn’t want to reblog this because of how uncomfortable it made me feel and then I realized, that’s the exact reason I need to reblog it.

Look at these images, America. Look at them. This is your history. This is one of the things that has made you what you are. Do you know what these are from? Have you ever heard of the Detroit Race Riot of ‘43? Do you know about the Deacons of Defense? Can you imagine the kind of “crimes” that could necessitate beatings like the ones viewed here? Crimes like: being involved with a white woman. Being suspected of being involved with a white woman. Trying to vote. Using a white’s only bathroom. Integrating schools or churches or anything else.

Look at these images. This is your story and mine. This isn’t the distant past! This isn’t some kind of ancient history that we can gloss over. People who participated in these events—on either side—are still alive today. Their children and grandchildren may be reading this right now.

Look at them, damn you! Study them. Think about how they make you feel. How it must have felt for the victims. For their families. Put yourself back there. Imagine this. Picture living with this kind of fear.

Look at these images.

Bolding is mine.

I do want to point out the photo of the two white guys with the one in a US Army sweatshirt are actually helping, but the only reason I want to point that out is thus far that photo and a second photo of those three men are the only photos of the Detroit Race Riot I have seen of white people openly defending any of the black victims that were attacked. Literally every other photo I have seen of the Detroit Race Riots have been like the others: white people dehumanizing and beating black people. Or they have been aftermath photos.

This is our history and should never be invisible.

The humiliation, anger and sadness that courses through me is unexplainable.

Jul 22

a very quiet sunset.


a very quiet sunset.

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Jul 21


Obsessed with these.


Obsessed with these.

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